The hygienic feeding bucket valve with a practical clip fastener!

Awarded with a Silver Medal for Innovations at Eurotier 2014!

FlixClip is a clever and handy solution for reducing bacterial load and time required for valve replacement and cleaning. In only a few seconds the valve, which consists of three parts, is easily mounted or dismounted to the feeding bucket. Thanks to the straight construction the valve is very easy and thoroughly to clean.

The advantages are obvious:
  • minimal bacterial load and thus healthier calves
  • minimal time required for valve replacement and cleaning
The FixClip valve consists of just three parts:
  • (a) valve body with straight intake supports, making them easier to access for cleaning
  • (b) removable valve flap
  • (c) clip for fixing teat and valve body to the feeding bucket
Kerbl FixClip Ventil mit Klemmverschluss

Easy assembling

  1. Apply the teat to the valve body.
  2. Insert the teat with valve from the inside through the bucket opening.
  3. Attach the clip from the outside to the teat - finished!
FixClip Montage