Cattle Brush HAPPYCOW Free

The HAPPYCOW Free allows the animals to determine the cleaning and massage intensity themselves.

  • vertical oscillating brush without power connection
  • also ideal as play material
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • high-quality bristles ensure a long service life
  • Very robust
  • low-cost and low-maintenance
  • all steel parts are hot dip galvanised

a quality product developed and produced by Kerbl


steel cable suspension 1.8 m

Support arm for wall mounting (18846) and up to 2 additional weights (18856) available as accessories


hot-dip galvanised articulated suspension with plain bearing bushes

Ref. no.DescriptionColourWidthDepthHeightPUPallet
18855Midired / blue1
18865Maxired / blue49 cm120 cm150 cm1 PAL
Ref. no.Descriptionsuitable forPU
18856Additional weight 2.9 kg188551
18851Brush for HAPPYCOW MidiSwing18850, 188551
18881Brush for HAPPYCOW MaxiSwing and Swing (previous version)18860, 188651
Technical dataWeightBrush lengthBristle material
1885523 kg600 mmPolypropylene
1886549 kg1,010 mmPolypropylene