Calf Milk Heater with Curved Handle

  • with practical handle for one or two-handed operation
  • adjustable thermostat
  • very stable
  • powerful heating output
  • can be used for fill heights starting at approx. 15 cm
  • with thermal fuse

from 18 °C to 42 °C in around 16 minutes (bucket holding 8 litres of water).

Ref. no.ColourHeating outputHeightPlug typePUPallet
1418white2300 W81.5 cmSafety Plug E + F125 PAL
Technical dataVoltageMains frequencyDiameter of the heating elementDip depthTemperature control range up toWeightConnecting CableProtection class
1418230 V50 Hz16 cm15 cm - 69 cm80 °C4.6 kg3 mIPX7
Preview imageItem. No.Description1418
 1418-10hex. nut M 3 for V 18x
 1418-12control bulb PG 140 for V 18x
 1418-24housing, lower part for 14 18x
 1418-25housing, upper part for 14 18x
 1418-26button for V 18 incl.sealx
 1418-27screw connection with nutx
 1418-4washer 2,5 x 105 mm for V 18x
 1418-7connecting wire with plug forx
 1418-9cylinder screw M 3 x 17x
 14190circuit board and sensor forx